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ULI #3s technique


  • The Uli #3 is a method for gaining girth, particularly around the head.

  • You get a partial erection, grab your penis with the OK grip a couple of inches behind the head, and trap blood between where your fingers are holding and the head of your penis. Then you pull toward the head, forcing the blood toward the head, engorging the area to the max.

  • Start 80%/90% erection.

  • Perform a strong kegel to get a full engorgement, then once kegel is completed grip the penis at the base with a ring-grip then slide slowly towards your penis head (moving every drop of blood! important!!).

  • Once reached about 1/4 inch below the head, while still maintaining a strong grip perform a strong kegel.

  • Use your other hand to grip at the base while still maintaining a strong grip near the head trapping blood between the head and pubic bone and then.. and only then should you release your head-grip hand.

  • Repeat this 7 - 10 times then stop and slap your penis on your thighs to regain circulation, then repeat the whole thing.
It is best to perform this exercise for at least 10 mins to see gains develop which occur quite quickly with this ex. but it is best to start at 5 mins and slowly build up.


thank u

which is best girth exercise nd girth come slowly compare to length

Our answer:

ballooning exercises and jelqing, mixed with long PC flexes while stimulating a very hard erection have really helped me get fast penis enlargement results.

I cannot find the ballooning or mushroom head exercises. are they the same as the url#3 ? would you please tell me how to do them? thanks

Our answer:

Check out the many variations of the Oriental Massage:



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Good, its a great program and it's free.  Please help spread the word to all men everywhere.  Email your friends etc.

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