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Locating the PC Muscle


  • In order to be able to perform the PC exercises you must first locate the PC muscle. The PC muscle is the one responsible for stopping your urinary flow in midstream.

  • The easiest way to locate the PC muscle is to urinate and when you are halfway done stop your urinary flow and try to isolate it. You might have to try it several times before you are sure that you have located it right.

  • Another way to locate the PC muscle is to obtain an erection and try to move your penis with no hands. This is easy to do and your penis will just "bob" a little. Try to locate the muscle responsible for the "bob" and you'll locate the PC muscle.

  • Exercising your PC muscle will help you both for enlarging your penis and for boosting your sex life.
The PC exercises should be performed at least 1-2 times a day. The good part is that you can do this anytime and anywhere because the PC flexes require only your perseverance and no special conditions.


I want to increase my penis.

Our answer:
You are not alone! Exercises + supplementation is key.

when the penis erection 20% to 30%can i do the PC muscle exercise?

Our answer:

of course :) Follow the instructions from here


Our answer:

yes, bigger is better :)

PC flexes work great!

Our answer:

Yup, they sure make your erections harder, that is certain!  :)

mark salerno
Amazing exercise. Very hard erections here.

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