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The Glut Flex for Power


  • The advantages of performing this exercise are that you will have a better thrusting ability and fertility and this will be obvious when you engage in sexual intercourse.

  • Another benefit of this exercise is the great aspect of your behind.

  • You should lay down on your back and gently flex your gluts for about 100 times to warm up and increase your blood flow.

  • Flex your buttocks as hard as you can and hold that flex for about 10 seconds, release and repeat the procedure for about 10 times. Then rest for one minute.

  • Perform continuous flexes and unflexes for about 2 minutes without stopping. Rest one minute then perform two more sets of flexes with one-minute brakes between.

  • Hold your last flex for about 3 minutes, relax for 30 seconds, then perform two more long flexes with 30 seconds brakes between.

  • You should perform this exercise 4 times a week and within 6 weeks you see notable changes in your back side.
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