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Does Penis Size Matter?

There are people who claim that the size of the penis is not important since the average length of the vagina is of only 4 inches or 10 centimeters so the penis mustn't be any longer than that.

Then why are penises shorter 12.7 cm. considered “small”, and why can the vagina, when the woman is fully aroused, reach lengths of up to 23 cm.?

Here's how a general Penis Size Chart would look like:

Very Small Penis Under 5"
Small Penis 5" - 6"
Average Penis 6" - 7"
Big Penis 7" - 8"
Huge Penis Over 8"

If women feel pain when a big penis is inserted in their vagina then they are not properly lubricated and fully aroused.

Some men are quite concerned about the size of their penis; some men actually stop having sex because they think their penis is not big enough. The sad thing is that, most of these men actually have an average size penis.

But it's not their fault that their partner had a partner with a bigger penis.

Most men think there's nothing to do about the size of their penis. If you're born with it you'll have to live with it for the rest of your life. That's so not true.

It's true, the size of the penis is genetically determined, but you know what? Just like a small hand can be lengthen, a small penis can turn into an average penis, and, if you're really dedicated, into a big penis.

Of course you know that there are two types of men when it comes to flaccid/erect length: the growers and the showers. The growers have a tinny penis when flaccid and a big rod of iron when erect and the showers... well they don't experience the same growth when their penis becomes erect.

So if you're embarrassed in the locker room because you're not much to look at I suggest next time you're eyeballing a big flaccid penis to think that he's not going to get much bigger when the push comes to shove.

But I think that somehow that's not good enough for you. It would feel better to know that you have a big flaccid penis that gets huge when it's erect. Let me tell you a little secret … every man would want that.

Because it does feel weirdly good to think that "I am big now, but you should see me when it's erect... now that's what I call big."

But what if you have a small penis even when it's erect?

That's a tough one. Let's just take a look at what straight men think when they see a big penis that's not theirs: indifference (Oh really? I don't think so!), envy (Now that's more like it!), awe (well...), inadequacy (Tough huh?), intimidation.

Now that's what men say is their initial reaction to a big penis. I guess it's haunting, thinking about how small you are and how big that guy was. These feeling can really eat you up to the point when you buy shower shorts and stop having intercourse just because you know deep in your heart that you're never going to give her an orgasm so why waste 30 minutes.

Men have different penis sizes and it seems that women are partial to big penises. Actually, come to think about it, men also are partial to big penises. No man, given the opportunity to choose, would rather have a small penis if he could have a big one.

So what can you do about it?

Even if you have a huge penis and had women tell you it's too big for them you'd still like to add a few inches would you? I know!

So here's what you can do about it: if you want length, girth and health you can start with penis enhancement exercises. Trust me, it changes your life!

Seeing how your penis grows, seeing the amazed and delighted look on women when you get undressed, knowing that when other men see your penis they suddenly start having a bad day… that just can't be equaled!

You won't have to worry about your erect size or your flaccid size, you'll simply know that you're above the average, and that's an incredible ego booster.


Jim Vincent
can you send me information I know just what you mean

Our answer:

All the information you need is here, on this site.

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