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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some FAQ:

When must i do the exercises?

It is not important when you do them. It is important that you keep doing them. Try to figure out how long it takes to do the exercises then try to find a spot for them in your daily routine. The exercise must not dictate your daily program. You just have to do them 5 times per week. The cut at which you do them is up to you.

Can I do the exercises more than once a day?

I'll ask you a question: If you cut your finger by mistake now...would you like to cut the same place later today? ...I thought so... The cells in your penis are broken down by these exercises in order for them to grow back stronger. If you don't give them time to heal you're not achieving anything .

Can I do the exercises seven days a week?

As I said it before...the body needs time to build stronger cells. If you don't take that into consideration you'll only get a penile massage and no improvements

Can do the exercises separately during the day because I don't have the time to do them all at once?

There's no problem with that. You can spread the exercises over the day.

How long can i use the exercises?

Well, there's no limit to the time you can use it. But the first 6 months see the most growth... it will grow after that too, but at a slower rate.

Why must i wrap my penis in a warm towel?

You wrap your penis in a towel that was soaked in warm-hot water because by doing that you'll relax the tissue in your penis allowing them to stretch easier and because the hot wraps increase the blood flow to your penis.

When will I see the first gains?

It depends on the type of body you have and on the accuracy with which you perform the exercises. . You might see growth from the first session just as well as you ca see the first growth after 2 or 3 months. The first gains you'll notice are in the flaccid state.

Does it matter if I'm uncircumcised?

For starters, when you jelq stop at the base of the head and then, if you want to, you can retract the foreskin and then jelq.

Can I ejaculate before or after exercising?

It's best if you don't, at least for a few hours before and after jelqing. Let me explain why. When you ejaculate the testosterone level in your blood decreases and your connective tissue tighten.

Can I jelq when I have a full erection?

Getting a full erection during the first few sessions is normal. That happens because your penis is used to getting fully erect when stimulated and then ejaculate. If you get a full erection during the exercises stop and wait for it to subside.
After some practice your erections will be more controllable.

What if I experience soreness ?

In the beginning, feeling a little sore is normal. That happens because the tissue in your penis is getting used to the exercise.

If you experience a little soreness try to go on with the exercises. I told you, it might happen because you're just adjusting with the exercises. If you experience acute pain you should stop for a few days. The pains might also appear because you didn't do the hot wraps. They relax the tissue, making the stretching more comfortable.
Try cutting your pubic hair.

Where is the PC muscle located and how can I find it?

The pubococcygeus muscle (PC muscle) is the muscle that surrounds your anus and prostate gland and that pulsates (involuntarily) when you ejaculate and that helps you hold the urine inside . Exercising this muscle will help you get more pleasure from the sexual act, intense orgasms, delay ejaculation and even curing some forms of impotence, allowing you to have several orgasms before you actually ejaculate, and if you can do it while having sex be sure that your partner will feel it.

Find your PC muscle when you pee. While peeing try to stop the urine flow in mid-stream. Did you feel the muscle contracting? That's your PC muscle.

You might want to keep exercising your PC when you pee . So each time you go to the bathroom try to stop the urine flow.

The beautiful thing about PC exercises is that you can do them anywhere. It's not likely they'll sexually arouse you.


I've been doin'g the exercises for about 30 minutes everynight for a week, is that too much? Should I give it a rest for a couple days rather than doing the exercises every night?

Our answer:

Erection Fitness has the best routines to avoid over-exercising.  But, never do too much and always stop if you feel pain.

i saw on net that jelq can burst ur nerves and ur penis never erect sir i m unable focus on exercise plz help me sir

Our answer:

This is very rare, and if you feel any discomfort you should stop.  The chances or hurting yourself by using gradual force over time is very rare with penis enlargement techniques.

u told me do 20 minutes jelq gud but continously 20 minuts i think its wrong after hw many min utes i take rest

Our answer:

Just follow the complete workout guidlines.

my girth is 4 inch is thet gud r bad if i gain after hw many months nd hw many inches

Our answer:

To compare your penis size with other men from around the world, take the penis size survey.

i saw in ur testimonial that jelq increase ur length its gud but it decrease girth thats not gud not increase why decrease

Our answer:

Jelq will increase length and grith when performed correctly and consistantly.  I am living proof, over 9 inches now after 10 years of using penis fitness.  No shit.  Started with under 7 inches.

What exercise can I use to make the head of my penis bigger? Will the jelq and hold work?

Our answer:

yes, this will work, alongs with ballooning exercises.  get an erection, then do sessions for pressure on your shaft so that your head balloons larger.  Hold for sets of 30 seconds, massge circulation back into your penis, then repeat.

i have lost my user ID how do i get it back to play the videos

Our answer:

Just re-submit your email address where you originally subscribed.

How many exercises do I do each day? Does it matter?

Our answer:

Follow the basic routines and listen to your body.  don't over train, give your penis time to heal.  A great supplement packed with L-Arginine that will help your gains is MSF.  give it a try.

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