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Thrusting Techniques

There are some men who haven't got a clue about thrusting. They just put their penis in and out over again.

To prevent you from being such a men, we have prepared some thrusting techniques that will definitely work good on your partner as well as other techniques that will turn you into a master in bed and that will make her want more from you.

These thrusting techniques will help you make your partner reach orgasm and will prevent you from being a boring lover.

Taoist 9 in 1 Technique
This technique is a thrusting sequence in which you thrust 9 times shallow (1 to 4 inches) and 1 time deep (3 to 5 inches).

Example of one set of thrusting:

Shallow Deep
1 9
2 8
3 7
4 6
5 5
6 4
7 3
8 2
9 1

This sequence should be then repeated over and over again with a variation on the speed of the thrusts. This technique has this name because it is said that it stimulates women to all their nine levels.

The Ancient Taoists also described nine different types of thrusts:

  • Thrust to the left and right in order to stimulate her vaginal walls.
  • Instead of thrusting in and out, you should thrust up and down. In the missionary position, your whole body should be moved up and down to complete this technique.
  • Another technique is to tease her, pulling out and then slowly push back in.
  • You should alternate between deep thrusts and shallow strokes.
  • You should make deep and shallow strokes in steady succession.
  • Another technique is to push in slowly.
  • You could also thrust swiftly.
  • Another technique is to balance at the opening, then strike swiftly and stay inside for a few moments.
  • And the last Taoist technique is to rise and then plunge low.
Tease and Please Technique

In this technique you have to tease your partner with your penis until you make her beg you to put it in. Then you have to slowly enter an inch at a time until you make her reach orgasm.


  • After your partner is pretty hot from the foreplay, you have to rub her clitoris gently with the head of your penis. You have to tease the opening with the head of your penis from time to time. After a few minutes she will be full of desire, but you have to make her boil, so keep on teasing her.

  • She will be begging you to put it in, but you have to keep on teasing and talk to her. Tell her how beautiful her pussy is and ask her if she wants to feel you inside her. Ask her if she wants it badly and keep teasing her with your penis. After a few more minutes of your teasing she will be boiling with desire.

  • When she can't stand it any longer, you should start rubbing the opening with the head of your penis for a minute. Then you should slide only the head of your penis in a slowly thrust in and out with the head of your penis.

  • Slide it in one more inch, then thrust slowly in and out, but not deeper than you have before. Ask her if she likes the feeling of your penis inside her and tell her how good it feels for you.

  • After some more minutes, slide it one more inch, thrusting slowly in and out to the same depth.

  • The step above should be repeated until you are completely inside her, but you shouldn't put it all the way until she starts having an orgasm.

  • Once she starts having an orgasm, you may start thrusting more vigorously and move to a different technique.
Slide and Glide Technique

This technique is based on the stimulation of your partner's clitoris with the pressure from your upper pubic region.

This technique is done in the missionary position with you on top. You should make sure that your partner is well lubricated.

We recommend you to start with the tease and please technique until you are almost all the way in and only after the tease and please technique you should carry on with this one.


  • While you are in the missionary position, you should first make sure that your partner's clitoris and her vagina are well lubricated.

  • You should then ask her to spread her vaginal lips with her hands. When she does this, you should put your penis in up to the base of her upper pubic region on her clitoris.

  • You should then put your weight on her body, reach down and grab her ass and spread the buttocks apart.

  • You should then start sliding up and down on her. You should slide up and down instead of in and out, because your penis should be completely inside her. You should grab her shoulders or the edge of the bed with your hands and push with your toes as well. As you do this, you should make sure that your upper pubic bone and her clitoris receive the greatest friction.

  • You should continue with this movement until she has an orgasm. You should keep moving and not to break the friction.
Tips to Be a Better Lover
  • You should always tease her and make sure that she is well lubricated and aroused before you penetrate her.
  • You should always make sure that she is close to reaching an orgasm before full penetration.
  • You should thrust at different angles in the same position to stimulate the walls of her vagina.
  • You should always try new positions and avoid a routine, as variety always gives an extra spice to love life.
  • You should always thrust at different speeds.
  • Also, you should thrust hard, soft, and always tease her.
  • During penetration, you should pull out and then re-enter.
  • Also, you should try thrusting in a circular motion while you go in and come out.


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